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“I came to Deborah Shulman as a teenager wanting to develop a seamless mix. She instantly understood where the problems were and chipped away at them until not only was I happy with the product, but she was too. I recommend Deborah without hesitation. She’s the best in L.A!”Chelsea Emma Franko
currently starring as Elsa in the musical “Frozen” at the Hyperion Theatre


Chelsea Emma Franko performing in “Frozen”

Deborah addresses your specific issues and then works with you on practical techniques and exercises using a song you have brought in. The results are almost immediate.

Deborah has performed and taught successfully in all styles – from classical to pop, musical theater, and rock – and into the recording studio. She has been a voice teacher and vocal coach in both New York and Los Angeles, serving on the faculty of the Musical Theatre Workshop of the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera at the Music Center and the American Center for Musical Theatre in Hollywood.

Deborah’s vocal clients have included pop stars Bette Midler, Jennifer Warnes and Linda Ronstadt, and rock stars David Lee Roth and Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, among others. She has coached actors, radio personalities and public speakers. She was awarded a Platinum Record for her work on David Lee Roth’s album “Skyscraper.”

Deborah is currently teaching musical theater vocal classes, technique and song interpretation at The Performing Arts Center, where she works with young dancers as part of their professional training program, and The East West Players Actor’s Conservatory Program, which offers a comprehensive theater arts curriculum for actors who want to hone their professional skills.

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Lessons are $150.00 per hour.
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Call or text Deborah at 818-414-1691, or send Deborah a message.


“In 2006 I was cast as Mrs. Lovett in SWEENEY TODD; I hadn’t done a musical for several years and all of a sudden was given an amazing opportunity. Deborah had been recommended to me and had the reputation of being not only a vocal coach but whose expertise was also diagnosing vocal issues and solving them. I knew what an arduous road that lie ahead and that I could not afford to compromise my voice. Deborah taught me how to warm up without straining my voice; I liked the way she described it as massaging your vocal chords. It was an entirely different method I had been exposed to but it worked beautifully; I never missed a performance. At the time I also served as the Arts Education Director of East West Players,

currently the oldest theatre of color in the US. I was in charge of the Actors Conservatory. I knew it was a long shot but thought how wonderful it would be if Deborah could teach for the conservatory. To my amazement, Deborah consented; I was ecstatic! Deborah taught our students with passion; she not only brought a vast amount of expertise but a sense of professionalism so vital when teaching students pursuing a career in the performing arts. Always direct and focussed, Deborah’s approach was kind but firm. To witness the students progress from beginning to end was not only inspiring but exciting. To note how their voices had improved, to witness their joy of singing and self confidence that had blossomed was just amazing.”Marilyn Tokuda

“Through the years, I have watched and listened as Deborah Shulman has helped young dancers find the voice they never knew they had …. her work with singers speaks for itself.”Joseph Malone, choreographer



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