Get Your Kicks - The Music & Lyrics of Bobby Troup
“Shulman’s got an alluringly clear enunciation as well as a gentle swing to her timing. Guess she just couldn’t help it that she was born to please.”

“The pristine period arrangements and Deb’s melodious encantations are seductive, rightly so, that’s part of the game, but in hip breezy asides is where some of the most sly material resides. It’s highly likely you’ll, more than once, hear a cut and shout “Man, that is sooooo cool!”, then, a minute later, mutter “Hey…wait a minute…!”
— Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“Deborah Shulman brings a warm tone with impeccable phrasing with perhaps the best compliment being she does not sound like anyone but herself and that my friends is a beautiful thing!

Solid. Well thought out and incredibly entertaining!”

Get Your Kicks
The Music & Lyrics of Bobby Troup

Bobby Troup was one of the most popular composers and lyricists of the West Coast Cool musical style. Many of the songs he wrote have become genuine American standards, including “Route 66,” probably his most famous tune. Now, vocalist Deborah Shulman and pianist Ted Howe bring to life the hip, sexy music of this iconic, multi-faceted artist in their fun new show “Get Your Kicks.”

Shulman is a widely respected vocalist and vocal coach known for her smoky, sensual voice, warm tone and impeccable phrasing. Howe is a highly regarded pianist, arranger and producer, who has worked with some of the top names in music, like Mel Torme, Henry Mancini, and Buddy Rich, to name just a few. Their talents allow Troup’s music to shine brightly, and both possess the special gift of being able to immediately connect with an audience.

The show “Get Your Kicks” grew out of the album of the same name that Shulman and Howe released in 2013 to outstanding reviews. All About Jazz said of the CD, “Much has been written about Bobby Troup: his personal, musical, and television lives, and his spirit-drenched oeuvre. For decades, his compositions have been explored musically by artists across the genre spectrum. Rarely, however, have they been sent up with the flair, originality, and intelligence presented here.”

Shulman originally took on this project with the aim of making a jazz album with a real party vibe. Judging by the reactions of critics and the public, she has succeeded brilliantly. This is a show that will leave audiences smiling.

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